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Coloradans stock up for what could be biggest winter storm of the season

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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- A big snowstorm and Coloradans are ready. FOX31 Denver crews caught up with people preparing for the big event and stocking up on essentials before Mother Nature wallops the state.

In Castle Rock, Home Depot is preparing. There are hats, gloves, shovels and snow blowers out for sale, proving it’s not the end of snow season in Colorado. Customer Rick Shmidl called the weather, “unpredictable.”

Jason Waltrip, a manager at Home Depot said, “If they see a big storm coming they try to get us a lot of extra stuff. We’ve got shovels and back-up shovels.”

Shoppers are making sure they’re stocked up before getting socked in. Waltrip said, “We get a lot of last minute customers kind of coming in and checking stuff out, seeing what we have left.” Shmidl said, “I needed one too anyway. I’ve been putting it off.”

But it’s not just the winter necessities that Coloradans are eager to bag up before the weekend. Randy Freeland, the Wine Director at Bubbles in Castle Rock said, “A shot of tequila makes you forget you are out there shoveling,” And booze sales at Bubbles are bursting.

“We already did the grocery run and on the way home we stop at Bubbles,” explained shopper Zack Anderson.

Freeland said, “When you’re sitting at home with a foot-and-a-half of snow out there, do you want to be sitting there without a glass of wine or a nice beer?”

Judging by the lines at Bubbles, folks are eager to get home to imbibe. “There are some people who are stocking up because they’re having friends over and hanging out and waiting to see what happens,” said Freeland.