CDOT crews gearing up for big weekend snowstorm

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DENVER -- With a winter wallop on its way to the Front Range for the weekend, crews with the Colorado Department of Transportation are gearing up for a long few days.

Crews will be on standby beginning at 3:30 p.m. Friday and are scheduled to work 12-hour shifts.

Rain showers on Friday afternoon will change to light snow in the evening and road conditions will deteriorate throughout the weekend.

The heaviest snow is predicted to come in Saturday afternoon into early Sunday and that is when CDOT will have 80 to 100 plows working around the clock at any given time.

“It'll be a very busy weekend for us at CDOT so we'll be working,” CDOT spokeswoman Emily Wilfong said. “Luckily it'll be happening during nonrush hour times. People will have the alternate to stay home and avoid the mess.”

Before crews hit the roads, they will be researching. A software system at the office helps the fleet coordinate their response and timing.

This weekend and into Monday, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll be using a solid version of magnesium chloride because the temperatures will fall below 16 degrees.