Watch: Thief snatches Pomeranian puppy from Denver pet store

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DENVER -- A Pomeranian puppy was snatched from a Denver pet store by a couple of thieves whose actions were clearly seen on a surveillance camera recording.

The clerk said that while one of the suspects distracted him, the other reached in the enclosure, grabbed a puppy, stuffed the dog under his coat and walked out the door.

Store workers at the Aquatic Dog pet store at East Iliff Avenue and South Quebec Street believe the heist was a preplanned dog-napping.

"My husband called me on Wednesday and told me someone has asked about the Pomeranian and he had a bad feeling about it," Aquatic Dog owner Sheila Van Der Veer. "He asked for their name and number to hold it for them and they hung up on him."

She now thinks that call led the pair of suspects to the store on Thursday.

"While one of them distracted Greg with fish questions the other one was over here," Van Der Veer says. You can clearly see what the two do in the video clip above.

A suspect wearing a red sweater in the surveillance video was at the counter, while the second suspect wearing a black jacket pushed the top lid back on the dog enclosure, took a quick look around and within seconds, picked up the Pomeranian puppy. "Oh, he just shoves it under his coat," Van Der Veer said.

The suspect in the black coat strolled out of the store. When the suspect in the sweater tried to leave, the worker noticed the pen was open so he chased him out.

"He grabs him by the sweater ... he ripped his sweater," Van Der Veer said.

"We've had knives and guns pulled on us. He just wrote down the license plate number and the front and the rear were both different license plate numbers."

The pair sped off in a gold Cadillac.

Anyone with information can contact the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office.