Colorado designer’s sweater goes viral thanks to Virginia Tech coach

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FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- A Colorado apparel company is getting some serious buzz thanks to a lucky sweater worn by Buzz.

When Virginia Tech basketball coach Buzz Williams changed into a burgundy and orange, argyle sweater during halftime of Monday's game against Georgia Tech, it instantly became a topic of conversation on television and Twitter. After the Hokies pulled out a dramatic victory, coach Williams credited the man behind the sweater.

Scott Barber, of Fort Collins, has been selling men's apparel for 20 years and along the way he made friends with coach Williams, who worked on the CSU coaching staff.

When Williams took the head coaching job at Virginia Tech this season, he turned to his longtime friend to come up with a new look for the sideline.

“He said, ‘You have to get me some things in Hokie colors.’ I said, ‘Buzz, those aren’t really very great colors," Barber said.

Despite his reservations, Barber got to work on a prototype and then sent it to Williams. He admits he never expected the coach to wear it, but now he's glad he timed it right.

"They came back to win, which meant everything because if they’d lost by two it would be in the dumpster outside the arena," Barber said, with a laugh.

Instead, Williams had some fun with the fashion questions after the game and was sure to give his friend a plug.

“His name is Scott Barber. He lives in Fort Collins, Colorado,” Williams said, during post game interviews.

The name drop wasn't just about helping Scott Barber Apparel. Barber and Williams decided to team up to raise money for Buzz's Bunch, the coach's charity that helps children with disabilities. Fans will soon be able to buy the sweater on and there is already a lot of interest.

“We've got 300-400 people who have said please let me know as soon as the sweater is available, so we’ll see what happens,” Barber said.

Barber is hoping to have the first sweaters in his warehouse within 45 days, and the Buzz might not stop there.

“He wants to add a women’s style, he wants to add a vest,” Barber said, laughing. “That’s Buzz. He’s not going to make it easy.”

Barber also made two other versions of the sweater for a couple of additional coaching friends. There is one in black and yellow for University of Iowa coach Fran McCaffery and another in red and white for University of Nebraska coach Tim Miles.

He says the two Big 10 coaches are planning to wear their versions during the next game between the Hawkeyes and the Corn Huskers.