Washington Park rangers cracking down to get cyclists to slow their roll

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DENVER -- Park rangers at one of Denver’s most popular parks are cracking down on cyclists.

The speed limit through Washington Park for cyclists is 15 mph, with riders on one side of the road that runs through the park and pedestrians on the other side.

It’s not every day you see park rangers with a radar gun clocking cyclists and using hand motions asking them to slow down.

Parkgoers, especially those on foot with young children, say they appreciate the enforcement as well as citing cyclists who are speeding and riding recklessly.

“Making sure nobody gets hurt is important,” parkgoer Bill Cantlin said. “We didn’t know one side of the road was for bicyclists and the other side was for pedestrians.”

There have been collisions and near-collisions between cyclists and pedestrians in the past in the park. The city says it’s just trying to keep people safe.

The fine for any bike infraction is $60.

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