Drunk driving accidents down, but increase in drug use behind wheel

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WASHINGTON — The good news: drunken driving accidents are down.

But there’s plenty of bad news about impaired drivers, details on the new drugs of choice.

Drunken driving is down, but impaired drivers are still getting behind the wheel.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did an anonymous roadside survey of drivers across the country.

Drivers who agreed to participate were pulled over and tested on the spot.

The survey found that drunken driving was down by a third from the last test seven years ago.

It was down a whopping 80 percent from the first survey in 1973, but more people were driving impaired by marijuana or other drugs.

20 percent of drivers had evidence of drugs in their system that would impair judgment.

And the number of drivers with marijuana in their system was 50 percent higher.

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