Weld County fire destroys 1 out-building but no homes

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WELD COUNTY, Colo. -- The Weld County Sheriff's Office received a call at 2:23p.m. that a ditch fire was getting out of control.

The ditch is near Weld County Rd. 21 and was threatening homes nearby.

Two homes began burning and the residents were safely evacuated according to Sgt. Sean Standridge from the  Weld County Sheriff's Office.

The homes were located at the 49000 block of Weld Country Rd. 17.

Watching a neighbor lose a building and valuable equipment, isn’t how Jerry Ewing thought he’d be spending his Saturday evening.

Then again, hours earlier he thought it could be worse.

“We just looked out and saw smoke and flame,” said homeowner Jerry Ewing.

“I live eight miles west of here and I could see it,” neighbor Letitia Betchel said.

Three fire departments responded immediately and began evacuating homes.

“I was down in my basement, somebody was pounding on my door, I ran up… lots of smoke, lots of anxious people. We had about five minutes to get the animals, my daughter and the vehicles out,” Becky Schnabel, an evacuated homeowner said.

Once evacuated, Becky Schnabel and her family were forced to wait down the road, after a few hours, the crews managed knock it down despite some tough conditions.

Though it scorched some 500 acres, it missed every single house.

“Good Samaritans. So glad for neighbors,” Schnabel said.