Warm weather has Denver residents thinking about spring

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DENVER -- At the Colorado Garden and Home Show, people are thinking about spring and summer.

"I love to come here. I love the smells of the earth and flowers," said show goer.

Ten-thousand people will come here today to see flowers blooming in February, tender buds shooting from branches, and waterfalls flowing--not frozen.

"It reminds you of spring and summer," said one show goer.

But outside, it feels like spring has already sprung.

"It's really sunny, warm. You don't really need a jacket, which is nice," said person enjoying the sun.

At little man's ice cream, people get their licks in before the sun does it's damage.

The warmth also brings out cool lemonade and teeny bikinis at Wash Park.

"We thought it was awesome that its 70 degress out here in the middle of February. I'm from Cali. so I'm used to the sun, but these two are from the east coast, so they get the snow,” said park goer.

Others sport their gym shorts, or no shirts, or even sunscreen.

"Too much exercise for beautiful day like this, a day like this deserves laziness," said park goer.

But not everyone is having a love affair with this faux summer fling.

Competition with a beautiful day makes vendors at the Garden and Home Show long for a little bit of cold spell.

"It gets people inside to see all the fresh flowers,” said Garden and Home Show representative.

That cold spell is coming, mid-next week.

Plenty of time to hit the Garden and Home Show and get your spring fix, it runs through next Sunday.