Mountain goers take advantage of CDOT’s Mountain Rideshare Day

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DENVER -- Ynelle Lahey and friends had a full day, carpooling up to A-basin for some fun in the sun.

"It was great we did a little beach party, a singles, meet-up group," mountain goer said.

They've been sharing rides long before CDOT's Mountain Ride Sharing Program.

It promotes carpooling and alternate transportation to the mountains to help reduce congestion.

They give the program 2 skis up.

The game plan: Park at the 'dinosaur' lots off of i-70 at Morrison.  Here,  shuttles offer steep discounts to do the driving for you.

This could bring more business to hot spots like Z Casino.

"This is a great spot- you don't get towed.  Did you win anything?:  No haha!" casio goer said.

As for Ynelle Lahey & friends,  help is on the way, they are already doing their part.

"If you could just do something with the traffic on I-70, that would be the perfect day."

For more information on ride sharing visit:  and .