3 shot at Pittsburgh-area mall

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PITTSBURG — At least three people were shot Saturday evening at a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-area mall, said a spokesman for the hospital treating the victims.

Jesse Miller of Forbes Hospital in Monroeville said that the emergency department received the three victims from Monroeville Mall at about 8:15 p.m. ET. He said one of the patients was in stable condition but “the other two, I can’t comment on,” he said.

Miller told CNN that the hospital’s emergency department is in lockdown because a suspect had not been apprehended.

Witnesses at the mall, some 10 miles east of downtown Pittsburgh, described a chaotic scene.

“We were in Dick’s (Sporting Goods) and all of sudden a whole bunch of people started running,” Madison Strohl said. “There were five shots fired right outside of the Macy’s inside the mall … it was really scary.”

A woman who picked up the phone at the Macy’s refused comment, telling us to reach out to the corporate office before she hung up.