Unscientific study: Super Bowl causes rise in cellphone damage

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DENVER -- As Super Bowl Sunday draws near, you may want to take extra caution with your cellphone. According to a study by Squaretrade, a company that offers protection plans for your cellphone, who you cheer for and what you eat and drink could impact the life of your phone.

It’s far from a scientific study, but everyone knows, cellphones are not indestructible.

Binay Prasad was taking his phone into UBreakIFix in Lone Tree and said, "I was just walking and my baby was in the stroller. He had the phone and dropped the phone on the road."

It’s obvious that technology is no match for human nature. "Drop a phone in the toilet, throw it across the room. I've had people literally throw phones through a wall, run it over with a car. We've seen just about everything here,” said Hunter Look, a technician with UBreakIFix.

When it comes to sporting events, all bets are off.  Anthony Kim said, "I have so many friends who throw their phones at their TV, not only breaking their phone but their brand new flat screen." His friends aren’t alone. According to the survey, 23 million Americans have damaged their phones while caught up in the game.

Look said, "I had a guy who said he had his phone in his hand one time, something happened and he got [angry], he threw his hands up and phone went right back into a punchbowl."

Apparently what you drink also matters. Imported beer drinkers are 22 percent more likely to break their phone. So, Coloradans may have a leg up.  Microbrew fans are 37 percent less likely than average to damage their smart phone. Also, spinach dip lovers are 10p ercent more likely than average to have a damaged phone in the last year.

The odds are also in favor of Patriots fans keeping their cell intact. Seahawks fans have 11 percent higher chance of fumbling their phone. Dennis Markley explained and said, "Course you know they have the rain."

So the best advice is to keep that phone out of arm’s reach during the game, but in a safe place.

Kim said, "The Patriots fans, they might be cheaters and they might steal my phone."

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