VA launches investigation into failed hospital project

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DENVER -- Years after reports of cost overruns and years of delays at the VA Medical Center in Aurora, the Department of Veterans Affairs announced it will investigate the mismanagement of the project.

VA Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson told members of the U.S. House Committee on Veterans Affairs Wednesday morning the investigation will be done by an outside source and will take several months to complete.

The massive hospital complex was supposed to open in 2015, but now the entire project is expected to be completed in 2017.  Right now, only 50 percent of it is completed.

Congressman Mike Coffman, who represents Aurora, said he would push legislation to get the VA more money to complete the hospital project. Gibson said the project would run out of the current $800 million budgeted by June and will need the spending cap to be raised to more than a billion dollars.

Coffman also praised a FOX31 Denver investigation into bonuses top VA officials in charge of the hospital project receive for what he called “incredible incompetence.”

Coffman said lawmakers plan on future hearings into bonuses and how to take back reward money in cases like the mismanaged hospital project.