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Former Broncos QB: Deflated footballs ‘would have been nice’

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Umpire Carl Paganelli holds a ball on the field after a play during the 2015 AFC Championship Game between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, Jan. 18, 2015 in Foxborough, Mass. It was reported the NFL is looking into the apparent use of deflated footballs by the Patriots during the game. (Photo: Elsa/Getty Images)

DENVER — Deflate-gate is certainly the talk of the NFL, but how much of an advantage would the New England Patriots have had by playing with footballs that weren’t inflated to the correct pressure?

“It would be a little bit easier to catch,” said Dave Logan, former NFL receiver and current voice of the Broncos. “It would be a little easier to throw. Especially in sort of inclement weather.”

As a receiver, Logan says he personally was never too concerned about the condition of the footballs, but he says quarterbacks have always been different.

Former broncos quarterback Jake Plummer agrees. He says he would always try to scuff up a football if he could before a game but says the NFL made access to game balls more difficult during the majority of his career.

“They were always inflated to the maximum pressure and I know that having them deflated would have been nice,” Plummer said.

Plummer credits both Peyton Manning and Tom Brady for helping ease the league rules. In 2006 they teamed up to convince the league to allow each team the ability to use their own, conditioned footballs in games.

“I was good with it. I signed the deal saying let us do what we want with the balls,” Plummer said. “I think there are rules there for a reason and you should follow them, yet I also believe that some of the rules are very archaic and a little bit … heavy handed.”

Plummer says he would be in favor of the NFL relaxing the rules about inflation, but as long as the rules are in place he says the Patriots should be held accountable to them.

“It`s an advantage in the rain and cold weather games. For damn sure it`s an advantage,” Plummer said. “But did that mean they won versus the Colts? I mean, they beat them down pretty bad. It`s just, again, them pushing the rules and pushing the ethics.”

If the Patriots are found to have intentionally deflated the footballs, both Plummer and Logan believe the league should act quickly, but neither believes discipline should impact the Super Bowl.