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VIDEO: Car dealership gets backlash for berating delivery driver

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WESTPORT, Mass. -- Seven dollars multiplied by empathy on an online fundraising page equals more than $11,000 for a pizza delivery guy who received an apology for how he was treated at a Massachusetts business.

The sales manager of F&R Auto Sales, a used car dealership in Westport, has apologized “for the actions” of employees caught on camera “belittling” the delivery driver. The conversation in an office focused on whether the Palace Pizza delivery driver believed he had received a tip or should have made change for the order.

“We will [sic] like to apologize for the actions that led to this situation, this embarrassing video gone viral on the Internet, was not released by any employee of F&R Auto Sales,” Gary Batista, sales manager for the business, said in a statement provided to CNN.

A GoFundme.Com page set up by a woman who saw the video had raised over $30,000 for the driver as of Monday morning.

The situation began Saturday, when Palace Pizza delivery driver Jarrid Tansey delivered $42 worth of pizzas and drinks to the dealership. He was paid $50 in two $20s and two $5s, said Palace Pizza manager Adam Willoughby.

When he returned from the delivery, someone from the car dealership called Willoughby, asking for the driver to return with change — roughly $7 and some coins.

The video begins when Tansey returns to the dealership with the money.

Upon handing over the change to a man seated behind a desk, Tansey can be heard saying, “It just doesn’t make sense why you’d hand me a bill that you were just gonna have me drive back here to give you back anyway.”

The man says to Tansey, “I gave you everything they gave me so we would get the correct change.”

The two go back and forth a few more times, neither giving up his position.

“I’m not mad, I just had to waste my resources coming back here,” Tansey says as he starts to leave.

The man says to Tansey, “The manager apologized once for you, do you want him to apologize again for you?”

Tansey responds, “You got your $7 back, so the world is right now.”

One female employee follows Tansey out of the office, saying to him, “Out the door before I put my foot in your a**,” which prompts her co-workers to erupt in laughter.

That woman’s employment has since been terminated, according to Batista’s statement. One of those involved was not an employee, he said.

The video ends after another man, also using expletives, instructs his colleague to get Tansey’s “owner and manager” on the phone.

“I want him fired,” he says.

For what's it's worth, an F&R Auto Sales employee took to the airwaves on Boston's WFHN Fun 107 radio last week to insist that Tansey was partially to blame for the altercation.

Michael Ramos, the man wearing a blue plaid shrt in the right corner of the video, said employees weren't sure how much money they had given Tansey before he left.

“When we were trying to discuss who was gonna pay what, by the time we looked up to see what the driver had in his hand, he was gone,” Ramos told the radio station. “He didn’t ask us ‘Are we all set?’ He didn’t ask us ‘Is this my tip?’ He just disappeared.”

Ramos said his car dealership called the restaurant to ask the manager to have Tansey return the change not knowing how much he had made off with. However, once Tansey returned, Ramos admitted employees of the car dealership were harsh on him. But it wasn't as if Tansey was particularly angelic.

“If we knew it was just $7 — he probably would have gotten $7 anyways," Ramos said. "It was just the way he took off, and we didn’t know how much he took off with.”

Count Amanda Rogers, a former waitress, among those in Tansey's camp. She was so moved after seeing the video on LiveLeak, she called the pizza shop to find out the driver’s name so she could send him a check.

“I decided to take it one step further," Rogers said. “Why not get the kid more than he deserves?”

Rogers set up the fundraising page for Tansey. It’s entitled “Get Jarrid his tip money!

Many are leaving donations in $7 increments, the amount Tansey drove back to return to the dealership. One commenter wrote, “You are a good example of someone treating people the way you want to be treated.”

Rogers, who was a stranger to Tansey and his wife before this all started, said she hopes the response would prove that, “people are actually nice out there.”

The video, seemingly shot by a stationary surveillance camera, was initially posted on YouTube with the headline “irate pizza driver.” It has since been made private, and it’s unclear who posted it, though Batista said in his statement the person is not an employee of F&R Auto Sales and had no authorization to do so.

Batista said the owner and proprietor plan to offer Tansey a cash donation, though his statement doesn’t specify how much or whether they’ve spoken to the driver.

Willoughby said the son of the owner of the dealership stopped by Palace Pizza on Wednesday to offer an apology in person.

Willoughby said the response at Palace Pizza has also been overwhelming.

“It’s been tough to make pizzas with all the calls we’ve taken,” he said.

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