Fan reaction: Vote in polls in wake of Broncos’ playoff loss

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Marvin Austin and Brandon Marshall of the Broncos look on in the fourth quarter Sunday. (Photo: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

DENVER — There’s a lot of frustration on Sunday night after the Broncos were bounced from the playoffs with a 24-13 home loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

There’s plenty of blame to go around. Who takes most of the blame?

In the wake of another playoff loss, should coach John Fox return to the team next season or is it time to go in a different direction?

And with Peyton Manning looking very pedestrian in the last half of the season and especially in Sunday’s loss, is it time for him to hang it up?




  • Jessica Rose

    I think that this game was very bad and a very poor performace by the Broncos fire Fox and retire Manning his age is catching up plus there was no defense at all very lousy game

  • Anonymous

    get over it people no ones to blame, you win you lose thats just how its goes, my god how ignorant people are…

  • Rick R

    I can’t believe this news site put this poll together. If you are a Broncos fan, do not take this poll. Colt’s defense played with 110% effort. No blame on the Broncos. Stupid poll and I’m not even a Broncos fan.

  • Snack Master Flash

    Ol’ Frankenstein neck should hang em up and rent out his giant forehead as a billboard. Let the Lurch Dillweed era begin!

    • Anonymous

      The fact is colts played defense. Colts receivers caught the ball. Broncos didnt, but the game i saw had luck throwing two interceptions Payton none. This game is a team effort to say Payton lost it and should retire is inaccurate. He didn’t lose the game, luck didn’t win it. The colt s as a team played better. Especially on defense And offensive line.

      • Anonymous

        The Colts just played better today. Games will be won, games will be lost. Part of sports. No Big deal…Better luck next year.

  • vera shorb

    Manning was great in his time, but now, it is time to move forward, he could help the offence instead of playing the actual physical game on the field. Elway and the recruit staff needs to look at Oregon University Marcus Mariota, who can make the Broncos come back to what they were when Elway played his last few seasons with Denver. This is going to be a large mistake if they don’t try to make him a part of the Denver team, if they can give Manning a break – after all the surgeries and injuries he endured – they need to get a young, humble. person a chance and make the Denver Broncos what they where….Fox is doing a good job. its no ones fault in a game of this magnitude, it is just who got the breaks and ran with them

  • Jack Bauer

    Fox was out coached again, which is no surprise. Sure he has playoff experience but on the loosing end. When the other teams figure them out they can’t adjust which is why they loose against better teams. Manning is still a great QB and I hope he returns next year because honestly he is the best chance we have at getting to the Superbowl. I think the coaches are to blame for the loss. If Manning retires then John Fox has a place with Denver because he has the playoff experience which is still good. How many teams are lucky enough to have Manning and Elway? If we are to win a Superbowl we need better coach who can work with the QB just like Shanahan did with Elway.

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