TODAY: Pothole Woes on U.S. 36, Baggage Piling Up, Mysterious Sightings Along Highway

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10 Things to Know Today

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DENVER — Here are your 10 Things to Know for Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015.

1. Dozens of vehicles disabled by pothole problems on U.S. 36

Potholes, including one described as “Texas-sized,” caused havoc on U.S. 36 between Louisville and Boulder, disabling dozens of vehicles and causing a massive backup on the highway.

2. State launches program to teach basics of Colorado marijuana law

“Good to Know,” a media campaign to educate Colorado adults, visitors and young people about the safe, legal and responsible use of retail marijuana, officially launched.

3. Two thieves get caught on camera striking the same house twice

Two brazen thieves looking to spoil the holidays hit the same house in Centennial twice over the course of just a few weeks.

4. Passenger anger on the rise as United Airlines’ baggage woes pile up at DIA

Passengers continue to be frustrated at Denver International Airport over a massive luggage delay that United Airlines is blaming on a new vendor, bad weather and holiday travel.

5. Dog survives for a week in the wilderness and bitter cold

A dog spent a week in the wild in Jefferson County outside in the brutal cold. His owner feared the dog had died, but he survived the ordeal and is now back home and on the couch recovering.

6. Family loses hundreds in Broncos playoff ticket scam, wants to warn other fans

Tickets to the Broncos’ playoff game against Indianapolis are a hot commodity. But one family has a warning after they lost a lost a lot of money thinking they bought tickets only to find out the tickets they were sold never existed.

7. The good news and bad news as oil prices keep dropping

While drivers continue to celebrate dropping gas prices, some investors see the drop in oil as a potential problem for oil companies across the United States.

8. Two New York police officers shot; both are expected to live

Two plainclothes New York police officers, responding to a robbery, were shot in the Bronx, but both men are expected to survive.

9. Two U.S. ski team prospects die in avalanche in Austria

There is shock and sadness in the ski community after two American skiers were killed in an avalanche in Austria. Both men were considered up and coming in the sport.

10. Cameras catch something mysterious along side of highway

The Arizona Department of Transportation posted the photos above on its Facebook page on Jan. 1 with the caption: “We might have spotted a family of sasquatches on SR 260 near Heber this afternoon. What do you think?

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