Snopes: Video allegedly showing Michael Brown beating elderly man is fake

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After Michael Brown’s death in August 2014 in Ferguson, Mo. the world has echoed with response on social media, many times with Michael Brown’s reputation at the mercy of these social critiques.

Some have characterized these critiques as attempts to frame Michael Brown as a criminal and violent person.

One critique featured a photo showing a man with cash in mouth and a gun pointed at the camera. It has since been proven false.

Another video has surfaced of purporting to show Michael Brown assaulting an elderly man repeatedly.

The video shown above is from YouTube and was originally posted in September 2012, by a woman named Ralonda Jones. It was titled, “Only n Woodland City.”

We warn viewers that the content of the video above maybe offensive and graphic.

In December 2014, a man from Canada uploaded the same video to Facebook with this message attached:, a website known for verifying or debunking viral videos and stories, makes a compelling case to suggest the subject of this video is not Brown.

The verdict: This video, filmed in 2012, would have made Michael Brown only 16 years old at the time, and the assailant in the video looks much older.

Brown stood at a height around 6 foot 4 inches, which is uncommonly tall among american men. The man shown in this footage does not appear to be as tall as Brown was, in comparison to those standing near him, according to Snopes.

Also, the original video reportedly takes place at a complex called  Woodland City Apartments, which are located Dallas, Texas.  Michael Brown never lived in Texas, claims.

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