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Samsung unveils TV that bends

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LAS VEGAS -- Samsung unveiled a TV that you can bend. The company showed off the new technology at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

It's a curved 4K TV that's in what the  electronics manufacturer calls "quantum color."

Why a bendable TV? The idea is that you can make the picture feel more cinematic. The best image is in the center of the screen and by curving the edges, the whole screen is the same distance from you. It's supposed to make images look less distorted.

"This is going to raise the bar in color and brightness," Samsung Electronics America president Tim Baxter said. "Then we're overlaying new technology -- not only UHD but now the top of the top, which is SUHD. 4K or UHD, they're one in the same."

4K is four times the resolution on the high definition TV you probably watch right now.

Baxter said the price of the TV hasn't been established, but he did say it would be under $10,000.