How to get in shape in 2015

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Laura St. John from Pearl Street Fitness gives us some advice on how to keep our New Year’s Fitness Resolutions.

tip 1:start with the end in mind, then focus on ACTIONS.

The scoop:

Where do you want to see yourself? picture your goal, close your eyes and envision yourself there. Then knowing that's a goal, focus on your ACTIONS everyday -- and not that target. What happens? You will not only reach your goal, you will exceed it!! Because your choices and decisions you make will lead you there. Start today. What little changes can you make today to get you on that path?

tip 2: 85/15 eating rule. lifestyle -- not quick fix

The scoop:

We came up with a simple strategy that works, especially for eating. Think 85% healthy choices, and 15% fun! You want that cookie? Go for it! Still want to tailgate at the Broncos game? Sure! Don't give up the fun. Keeping FUN in your life means sustainable lifestyle, not quick fix. With the 85% good, think healthy choices. I suggest a LOT more protein if you want to burn fat. Eat more often, 5x a day, and think 85/15 rule... Our challenges teach people to get on track with this rule, and by the end, it's no longer a challenge, it's a lifestyle! This is a great GUILT FREE way of living. And who's not motivated by fun? I live for that 15%!!

tip 3: mix up your workout routine!

The scoop:

So many people go back to the gym in the new year, then go around to their same 12 machines and get stuck in their routine. It works for the first month or so, but then science kicks in -- your mind gets bored of the same old thing, your body plateaus, you stop seeing any results, and you STOP going to the gym. At PSF, you will never do the same workout twice. You want to keep your mind and body guessing so it never plateaus. Be sure you add this kind of variety into your workouts so you continue to see results!

Let's take a look at how you can change up some of the most basic moves.

(I will have Scott insert his 2 cents, but my idea is to start with something basic like a pushup and a squat. Show the typical way you can do these basic moves. But then once your body is ready to progress, how to change it up - show a few different pushup variations and squat variations that you can even do from home!)

tip 4: support is key to long term success

The scoop:

Studies show that if you're part of a group, you are much more likely to feel accountability and also push yourself harder. Join a class and get the sense of community and belonging so you want to continue with that group camaraderie. We are launching a 30 day challenge next week (Jan 12th) that focuses on group support to rock your resolutions in the new year!


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