How Josh Brolin changed his characters look for ‘Inherent Vice’

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So Jake and I settled down to watch an advanced movie screener last night, a wild and bizarre film.

I loved it, 10 minutes in Jake was out.  I think it will be a polarizing film, you'll love it or you'll hate it.

The film is "inherent vice," based on the novel and directed by the same man who brought us boogie nights, there will be blood, and the master.

Director Paul Thomas Anderson takes us on a wild, drug addled, stoner film noir.

It is at it's foundation, a "who dun it" mystery.  Joaquin Phoenix is brilliant as "doc," a stoner private eye.

His opposite in the film, Josh Brolin, as the square and straight laced LAPD detective bigfoot.

We got the Colorado exclusive with the cast. Our producer asked Brolin about how he changed his characters look to get more into the role.

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