State launches program to teach basics of Colorado marijuana law

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DENVER -- “Good to Know,” a media campaign to educate Colorado adults, visitors and young people about the safe, legal and responsible use of retail marijuana, officially launched Monday.

It's essentially 'Marijuana 101' for Colorado.

“We want to be sure Coloradans have an opportunity to first understand all of the laws surrounding the legal use of marijuana,” said Dr. Larry Wolk, the state’s top medical chief. “This is the key to understanding every other aspect, including youth prevention and health effects.”

The campaign uses about $5.7 million of money generated from the state sales tax on pot … the total figure of taxes generated in year one could approach about $200 million.

The message of the "Good to Know" campaign is simple.

With everyone trying to get a slice of the pot tax pie, most say this is money well spent, and will probably help when it comes to lawsuits other states are filing against Colorado. This will demonstrate the state realizes education is a must when it comes to all forms of legal pot.

These dollars have no effect on the $40 million set aside by law for capital funding for education around the state. That funding source was set up in the law which went into effect a year ago.

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