Baby born on New Year’s Day shares same birthday as mother and father

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CLEVELAND — It’s safe to say the members of one Ohio family will never forget a birthday. That’s because they are all New Year’s babies, including the newest addition born Thursday.

Raheen Stover was born New Year’s Day 1978.

His wife Qiana was born New Year’s Day 1980.

They always through that was quite a coincidence — until now. The couple’s first born, a baby girl, was born Thursday, New Year’s Day 2015.

“To even share a birthday with somebody that you love, and then to have your daughter born on the same day — like I said, it’s unbelievable. It’s a blessing., Raheen Stover said.

Amid all the doting and kisses, Stover can’t believe the odds the whole family now shares the same birthday on New Year’s.

“Just for two people to be born and know each other and be in love is a stat within itself on New Year’s, and then to have the same birthday,” Stover said. “But then, like I said, to have a child on that day also, first child together, that’s like a whole ‘nother stat within itself.”

Stover says to celebrate next year, they’ll each get their own birthday cake.

“Somebody’s going to have to celebrate theirs on the 31st,” he said. “And then somebody’s going to have to go exactly on the first, and then maybe somebody might have to take the second, but eventually we’ll just all celebrate together. We chose the name Autumn because that’s one of our favorite seasons.”

The odds of having the same birthday as your parents are reportedly 1 out of 48 million.

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