There is no age limit to adventure or magic

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Who said retirement was boring?

This group of friends are full of adventure.  They'll do just about anything, except maybe get in a bathing suit again.

Jean Johnston, 90 years old, and her group of friends wanted to do something special for her 90th birthday and her friend's 80th birthday.

"What could we do for our birthdays that is different?"  they thought.

After deciding on what they wanted to do, they all got in a basket and enjoyed the sights.

A wave, a shout, or the sights is what this adventure was about.

"We're not sitting around in our chairs waiting to die," they agreed.

"We'll be talking about this forever," one woman said "the rest of our lives," another said, "however long that is" they all laughed.

Adventure has no age limit and neither does magic.

At only 7 years old, Jeremy is professional magician.

His debut show took place in his backyard, in front of a bunch of neighbors, and he is earning $2 per family.

Although it may seem trivial, he takes it seriously and has even had his own business cards printed.

But, Jeremy isn't the only famous one his family, his moms know the mayor and he was there for them on a very special day.

Thanks to some persistence, this precocious kid has more than a few tricks up his sleeve.

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