Views of unique Christmas tree go through the roof

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A photo of Wayne Richey’s Christmas tree in Boise, Idaho, has been a big hit. (Credit: Wayne Richey)

BOISE, Idaho – Wayne Richey’s Christmas tree looks like any other – except from the outside. And a photo of Richey’s tree that goes through roof has taken off.

“It was one of those Christmas memories going out and looking at Christmas lights,” Richey told KTVB.

The tree is about 15 feet tall.

“I cut about 3 feet out of the middle. Half goes in the house, half goes on the roof,” Richey said.

Richey says there is no hole in the house, only a piece of plywood on top with the top half of the tree screwed on.

“It makes people’s day,” said Richey, who has been doing the stunt for several years.

“Four years ago, I bought this house and when I came in, looking at this house, I saw the big open front windows on the intersection. I said, ‘I’m putting a tree in that window,'” Richey said.

Richey took a photo and posted it online – and it has taken off.

“The first week we had 450,000 views, 500 comments and it’s just exploded, since then,” Richey said.