After IVF shock, Utah woman gives birth to quadruplets

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Ashley and Tyson Gardner started a Facebook page after people started sharing pictures from the ultrasound all over the Internet. (Credit: Alicia Hallock)

PROVO, Utah — A Utah couple whose journey through in vitro fertilization captivated several people welcomed quadruplets Sunday.

New mom Ashley Gardner is feeling “incredible” after the birth of Indie, Esme, Scarlett and Evangeline by Caesarean section at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo.

The Gardners announced the news on the Facebook page where they share news about the pregnancy.

The four girls were due March 11, but the couple planned on delivering about this time.In a YouTube video posted Sunday morning from the hospital, Tyson Gardner said that Ashley and the babies were doing well after a night in the hospital and that they expected the quads to come in the next couple of days.

“We need lots of prayers the next 48 hours,” Ashley Gardner said from her hospital bed.

The Gardners tried for years to get pregnant. Finally, they learned in July that their first in vitro fertilization attempt was successful. But the real surprise came during the ultrasound, when they learned she was pregnant with quadruplets.


A friend who was in the room snapped several photos when Ashley Gardner received her ultrasound results. Those images, which showed a visibly stunned mom-to-be, were widely shared on social media.

A friend in the room captured the priceless look on Gardner’s face in a picture that took the Internet by storm.

In one week, the Gardners’ Facebook page grew by nearly 16,000 likes to 24,300. Today, it has almost 300,000 Facebook fans and the TV network TLC is following them.

Well-wishers flooded their Facebook page Monday with congratulations and requests for pictures.

“Congratulations,” one person said. “Wishing you health and happiness for many years to come.”