VIDEO: Colo. company films skier’s death-defying drop down tiny chute

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The chute is no wider than Cody Townsend is tall. And if it’s face isn’t at a 90-degree angle to the Alaskan wilderness beneath it, it’s awful close.

Neither fact could stop Matchstick Productions athlete Cody Townsend from tearing down it in a video that has gone viral this week.

If they’re being honest, Crested Butte-based filmmakers weren’t all that impressed with the helicopter footage they captured of Townsend’s successful ride. Townsend’s Go Pro footage, on the other hand, was a different story.

“We knew that was one of the most special (point-of-view) shots ever captured,” Matchstick Productions co-founder Murray Wais told the Denver Post.

The descent was dubbed “line of the Year” at Powder Magazine’s annual awards show and is part of Matchstick Production’s ski film “Days of my Youth.” The clip of Townsend’s drop has been viewed over 3.5 million times on YouTube since it was posted on Monday, and was featured in ESPN’s SportsCenter.

Townsend told the Daily News he suspects that the chute is “probably 5-6 feet wide at it’s narrowest.”

“It was hard to tell, though,” Townsend continued, “because honestly, I was going so fast I wasn’t paying attention to anything that wasn’t directly in front of me.”

Wais echoed those sentiments in his interview with the Post.

“If you hit those rocks, it would be all over,” Wais said. “In all honesty, there was quite a bit of danger but it was still straight forward. If you just went for it, it would be all good. He just had to go straight.”

Straight forward or not, Townsend summed it up as he exited the chute at the end of the video.

“That was the scariest thing I’ve ever done,” he said.