TECH REVIEW: Crayola goes digital with iMarker and Light Marker for iPad

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One of the most classic companies is Crayola.  They’re know for the big yellow box of crayons and the fat tip markers.  Over the past few years Crayola has gone digital too.  They partnered with tech company Griffin.  I had a chance to test out 2 of their newest digital markers.

Crayola iMarker

Crayola iMarker

iMarker – $30

The newest Crayola iMarker is the best iMarker yet.  Pop in the battery and download the app onto your iPad.  The iMarker has a button on the side and a tip on both sides.  The bottom pops up the drawer that allows you to select different tools and colors.  You can drawer with a traditional marker, a crayon and more.  After you setup your options you simply press the marker onto the iPad screen and start coloring.  It works exactly as you would expect.  The tip on the other end is an eraser tip.  This is great for those little mistakes that you need to fix quick.

There are various Crayola apps that work with the iMarker.  My 4-year-old and 6-year-old figured it out quickly and had a ton of fun coloring with the iMarker.  It also turns itself off after a few minutes of not using it.  This is great since we all know kids are notorious for not turning things off.

Crayola Light Marker

Crayola Light Marker

Crayola Light Marker – $30

The light marker is a bit more complicated.  The concept here is that the tip lights up and the iPad uses the front-facing camera to detect the marker.  You can connect the dots or color a page by holding the marker a few feet away from the iPad.  It’s a neat idea but it felt a little clunky when I tried it out.  My 6-year-old liked it but quickly asked to switch back to the iMarker.


The iMarker is Crayola and Griffin’s newest improved digital marker.  It’s not an high-end stylus but it’s not designed to be that.  It’s designed for kids.  It’s perfect for kids.  The Light Marker is a good idea and fun to play with but it’s not perfect.

Both markers are only compatible with the iPad and are available right now for $30 each.