Paint problems cause concern for some drivers on stretch of I-25

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BERTHOUD, Colo. -- Paint problems are causing concerns for drivers along a stretch of I-25 in northern Colorado.

Weeks after repairs were done on the road, there are still no lines painted on the highway to guide traffic. Some are worried it's an accident waiting to happen.

Driving north on I-25 from Denver to Fort Collins is a nightly routine for Mary O’Dell.

Faded road lines are causing concerns for some drivers south of Loveland, but CDOT says the problem can’t be fixed until Spring.

Mary O’Dell has been commuting from Fort Collins to Denver for decades, but in the past few months she says a small stretch of road has her worried about her safety.

The center line is almost completely faded along several hundred yards of I-25 northbound leading up to exit 250 at Berthoud. Though it’s a short portion of the interstate, the lines fade as drivers make a slight curve and meet the exit ramp.

“You might miss it, and then you want to over-correct yourself and then you’re going to end up in a ditch somewhere,” O’Dell said.

“We knew that it had kind of worn down in that area,” said Jared Fiel, a spokesperson for CDOT.

Though CDOT is aware of the issue and a fix is planned, Fiel says the lines won’t be reappearing until spring.

“It’s actually an epoxy and we have to have a special contractor to be able to do that,” Fiel said. “They’re not able to do that in the winter months.”

O’Dell said the wait only makes her concern grow.

“I don’t know what to do about the situation,” O’Dell said. “If I need to take my paint brush down and paint it for them, I could do that too. I’m good at painting.”

According to CDOT painting isn’t effective and wouldn’t last in the winter weather, and Fiel says there’s another reason they aren’t rushing the job.

He says there’s no evidence the short stretch is causing more accidents.

“Not any sort of increase from the past five years,” Fiel said. ”And there’s lots of light there to be able to keep people where they’re situated.”

“It’s not that light,” O’Dell said. “Tell them to come with me. I’ll show them.”

When a FOX31 Denver crew drove the stretch on Thursday night, they noticed a lack of light was contributing to the problem. There are plenty of light poles, but seven of them were dark, including those right above the faded lines.

“I just think they can do something for that small stretch and not to wait for someone to get killed,” O’Dell said. “Don’t wait for an accident to happen.”

FOX31 Denver notified CDOT about the missing lights on Thursday night. Fiel said they would alert maintenance crews and work to fix the lighting issue as soon as possible.​

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