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New threat written on wall at Arapahoe High; parents alerted after report

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LITTLETON, Colo. -- On the eve of the anniversary of the Arapahoe High School shooting, sources at the school tell FOX31 Denver about a new threat written on a bathroom stall at the building. The sources say they were concerned the school has decided not to alert parents about the threat even though it has been discussed at meetings.

On Friday morning, in light of the FOX31 Denver report, principal Natalie Pramenko sent a voice mail to parents acknowledging the threat and assured them their children were safe.

The threat allegedly contains the date 12-12-14 and said the person planned to "finish the work of Karl Pierson." Pierson is the gunman who shot and killed fellow student Claire Davis on Dec. 13, 2013. He then committed suicide.

Adding to the concern -- a teacher's child posted this on Facebook: “I'm sorry to report some crazy kids are planning something. Some stuff has been found around the school that police are taking very serious.”

FOX31 Denver does not normally report unspecified threats. However, an official with Denver Public Schools who handles threats but who declined to be identified because of the subject matter says this isn’t even a close call.

“With the school’s history and the allegations made by employees against it, you alert parents about the threat,” the person said. “Even if the threat is not specific."

This new threat reopens an old wound for Pramenko and her administration. This year, some of the school's parents, students and employees came forward accusing her of failing to take action last year when Karl Pierson made a similar threat weeks before the school shooting.

"They told us not to put anything in writing,” said one employee.

Since the shooting, two different security guards have come forward accusing the school of a cover-up.

“I think they’re not telling the truth,” said Christina Kolk. She is employed with the school as a security guard and has since been suspended with pay.

The school did not respond to our request for comment.

Later, Pramenko sent a letter home to parents not acknowledging the threat and saying only that they will share information only if they believe it will improve the school’s security.

Thursday night some students question whether the school lacks credibility when dealing with any threat, specific or not.

"I don't think they do enough about it and I feel like the administration keeps a lot of secrets from us,” said Jade Stanton, a student.

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