VIDEO: ‘Calgary’s worst driver’ takes 5 minutes to exit parking spot

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(Note: The above video has been accelerated to approximately 8 times the speed of the actual surveillance footage)

CALGARY, Canada -- It's sometimes possible to extend sympathy to those who have difficulty driving in snow. But it's hard to do the same for someone who takes five minutes to exit a parking spot -- snow or not.

That's exactly what has earned one driver the distinction as "Calgary's worst" by several media outlets, including the Calgary Herald.

The now-viral surveillance footage, which has been sped up for your convenience in the video player above, shows the driver first backing into a car. And while he or she does indeed manage to complete the process of a hit and run, a great deal of urgency to flee the scene isn't exactly shown.

To be exact, the driver takes what turns out to be a 20-point turn before finally getting point in the right direction and exit the parking lot.

Police are now reportedly looking for the driver.