Abused Tennessee bears relocated to Colorado animal sanctuary

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KEENESBURG, Colo. -- A pair of Himalayan Black Bears are the newest residents at the Wild Animal Sanctuary.

The bears are from the Three Bears General Store in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., where the owner illegally imported them to draw people into what PETA calls a tourist trap. They were housed in a decrepit concrete pit, where all they had to do was pace back and forth underground, never allowed to walk on land, all they did was beg for food from visitors to the store.

“These bears were bred for their cubs, which would either be sold or disposed of by the owner,” PETA's Lindsay Waskey said. “They are very intelligent creatures, but these bears were kept in horrible conditions.”

Now the bears, which are said to be about nine years old with the female possibly being pregnant, will get a new lease on life on the high plains of Colorado, just northeast of Denver.

“These guys will have their own nine acre run, complete with den, watering hole and kind of jungle gym,” said Casey Craig, of the Sanctuary. “We hope they will figure out how to live outside after nearly 10 years of living in a cell-block type home.”

The bears will take a few weeks to get used to their new home but will be on display in their natural habitat, once they have gotten used to our wonderful Colorado winter set to come.

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