Puppy rescued after being stuck in plastic bucket for two months

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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas -- After spending two months with a buck stuck on its head, a stray dog is now safe and has a new family.

The family first spotted the stray German Shepherd mix with a plastic jug on its head. Audra Bohannon couldn't catch the dog and figures the pooch got into the barn one night and got his nose stuck in the jug because he was trying to get the food out of it.

"I mean every night I went to bed thinking about that dog and I really felt bad for him having that on his head," Bohannon said.

Bohannon would get on her 4-wheller and search for the dog every day. She tried to catch him with nets but it never worked. Eventually, near a bridge across from her home, Bohannon and her family gained the puppy's trust and they were able to grab him.

"We got him up here, cleaned him up," Bohannon said. "He was flea infested but other than that he was just a little skittish."

The puppy has been named "Bucky," short for bucket and has been taken in by the Bohannon family.

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