Homemade Hacks: These 7 tips will make holiday travel easier

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DENVER -- Flying for the holidays can be a stressful experience.  That’s why we’re helping you save money, time and trouble with this week’s Homemade Hacks.

If you haven't bought your airline tickets yet, try to get them on a Sunday. A recent study found that tickets bought on a Sunday were an average of $71 cheaper than Monday.

Your next best choice is Tuesday.

Tavelocity reports that prices are lowest Dec. 4 through the 10th.  So you may be able to get a last minute deal.

If you are getting tickets online, be sure to clear out your history and cookies in your browser. Travel sites often use this information to adjust prices.

When you get to your airport and your flight is cancelled, don't mob the ticket counter. Often calling the airline will get you faster service.

By nature, people are more likely to go the right when they enter security gates. So you should go left. You may find a shorter line there.

Try to pick out unique luggage so you can easily identify it a baggage claim. Also, if your airline offers a fragile service -- use it. They are often the bags that are put on first and taken off first, which means less wait time at baggage claim.

Lastly, consider taking a photo of your literally and ID on your phone in case either gets lost.

Got a tip for holiday travel? Share them in the comments below.

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