Kirk, Does It Work? Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk

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Most of us clean or polish furniture in our home every week.  Typically we reach for a can of that standard furniture polish.  Dutch Glow claims those classic products are creating layers upon layers of wax build-up.  Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk promises to clean those layers off and “bring furniture back to life.”

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We took Amish Wood Milk to Home Again Furniture in Denver to test it out.  Isaac and Dan Kravitz buy and sell used furniture.  Isaac says they don't typically try to take on big projects but they are often cleaning up used furniture, doing a quick refinish or paint job.  He applied Amish Wood Milk to a cloth and then worked it into the wood on an old headboard.

He was immediately impressed with the results.  He said it obviously wasn't able to repair scratches or deep damage but it clearly helped to clean up and return some of the luster to the headboard.

Kravitz said after letting it dry it seemed to lose some of that renewed luster.  He was less impressed after letting the headboard sit for a few hours.  Next, he used thinner to remove a few layers and then used Minwax to apply a simple stain to the headboard.  It took a lot more elbow grease but he said it gave him much better results.

In the end, Kravitz said Amish Wood Milk is a good product for cleaning up old furniture and removing some of that grime and wax.  He warns that it's not a magic formula that will make tired furniture instantly look like new.  He also says it can't do what a proper stripping and staining job will do.

Amish Wood Milk is available at major retail stores for $10 and online for $10+S/H.



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