Woman kidnapped after van slams into her car in Jefferson County

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. -- A woman was abducted Saturday morning when her boyfriend reportedly rammed her car with a heavy van, dragged her inside and drove away.

The incident happened near Highway 93 and Matthew Winters Park, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said. Megan Vandellen, described as a 26-year-old white woman with dark hair, was driving along when a white cargo van with a push bar or heavy-duty bumped slammed into her, witnesses said.

Vandellen spoke briefly with the adult male driver of the van, who is thought to be her boyfriend, 28-year-old David Sikora. The woman then attempted to run away, but the suspect wrestled her into the van and drove off, police said.

Sikora was located and arrested by the Denver Police Department later Saturday morning. Vandellen's whereabouts were initially unknown, but she was found safe shortly before 4 p.m.