Widow takes husband’s ashes to T-Mobile after refusing to cancel his account

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T-mobile is one of few mobile carriers that are currently giving customers unlimited data.

CARDIFF, Wales — Maria Raybould said it was easier to bury her late husband than it was to cancel his cellphone plan.

After David Raybould died from cancer in August, T-Mobile continued to send bills to cover the monthly contract. Maria Raybould was threatened by T-Mobile and bailiffs to pay up, The Telegraph reported.

She finally took her husband’s death certificate to a T-Mobile to prove her husband had died — and also brought along with an urn containing his ashes.

“I’ve been up to the shop with the death certificate, with a letter from the crematorium, the funeral bills — even his ashes,” she said.

But T-Mobile and bill collectors continued to hound her to play unpaid bills or a cancellation fee.

“It’s gone downhill since then,” Maria Raybould said. “I’ve had texts since then asking if David wanted to pay an extra (about $4) for broadband and letters saying that bailiffs would be coming.”

T-Mobile finally canceled the contract and apologized for the mix-up, claiming there was a delay to the automated process that cancels the balance.