Where the ‘hottest’ jobs are during record-cold days

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DENVER -- We always focus on people who work in the cold, so this time we flipped the script and took a look at folks who were cold going to work, but once on the job, they were feeling just fine.

First stop, Hanneck Cleaners on 6th Avenue, where steam on the inside of the windows suggested it was very warm inside. We were right, the temp inside with all the pressing and cleaning machines, a balmy 82 degrees.

“We know summer can be very hot, but on a day or week like this, we love coming to work,” said owner Mary Liz Van Feldt.

At Emily Griffith Technical College, students are learning one of the highest paying trades in the nation—welders on the pipeline project are making around $50 an hour—in a shop which is warm and toasty for sure.

“I thought Kuwait, but It can get hot in here as well,” said vet Jack Zist.

And over at Brother’s BBQ, those 205 degree smokers and the grill flames keep chefs very warm throughout the day as well.

“We know the summer can be tough but on days such as this … we love coming to work!” said manager David Evenson.

All-in-all, having an inside job, where the heat is on all day long is the only way to go.

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