Road rage leaves high school student seriously injured

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PARKER, Colo. – Mason Deal is being kept out of school this week after the high school senior suffered a concussion and a black eye in a road rage incident.

The 18-year old was attacked Saturday at around 4:55 p.m. near the intersection of Jordan Road and  Bradbury Parkway in Parker.

The teenager woke up in a hospital bed with almost no memory of being punched senseless by another driver.

“The only one thing that I remember about the attack is his voice, and that's the one thing that wakes me up in the middle of the night,” said Deal.

Deal said he was heading southbound on a stretch of Jordan Road that merges from two lanes to one.  He said the road rage suspect tried to pass him where the two lanes merge and the two cars clipped each other.

Deal said he remembered stopping his car and seeing the driver in front of him, get out of his minivan.  Deal thought the man was going to ask for his insurance information but that’s not what happened.

“Physically just pulled Mason out of the car and then he just started pummeling him," said Karen Deal, his mother.

Now she, and her husband, hope witnesses will call police with information about the case.

“He just left my son laying in the middle of a road,” said father Mike Deal.

The only suspect description Parker Police have (from a single witness) is a Hispanic male, aged 30 to 40, with black hair and a black beard.  He’s believed to weigh between 200 to 250 pounds and was wearing an orange t-shirt with a black baseball cap.  It’s believed he was driving a white or silver minivan.

The witness told police a woman, who he guessed was the suspect’s wife or girlfriend, pulled him the man off of Mason Deal.

“I'm grateful that she pulled him off.  I wish she would've pulled him off a little bit sooner,” said Mason Deal.

Mason thinks if the man attacked him over a basic fender-bender, he’ll do it again to someone else.

“I want to make sure this guy isn’t on the roads anymore,” said Mason Deal.

Anyone who may have witnessed the attack is asked to call Parker Police at 303-841-9800.

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