Colorado Ballet’s outreach program brings fairy tales to life

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DENVER -- A new program from the Colorado Ballet called "From the Page to the Stage" is bringing fairy tales to life.

Performers will visit schools and meet with students, community groups and recently, families at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

"You can make anything happen, I think," said ballet dancer Ryan Lee.

She’s been performing for years but this stage in the middle of the atrium at Children’s Hospital, is different.

Ryan said, it’s about “Showing the kids that there's a world of possibilities open to you if you're going to be creative about it."

Ryan and the Colorado Ballet’s Studio Company are giving the kids as escape.

"It's really nice to be able to brighten up their day. It`s really hard for them here, it has to be,” she said.

Kids like Adrain who may have to spend hours hooked up to a machine. "It`s kind of hard,” said the 11 year old. But he lights up at the chance to imagine and ask questions.

They’re pairing piques with piqued interest and learning new things as they travel to new worlds.

"As a child you`re like, oh I want to be a superhero or an astronaut or maybe a ballerina. I want to show them that it`s possible; it`s not a silly dream to have,” said Ryan.

In this world, everything is possible. “It`s nice to come and give them something to look forward to, or get excited about, or be inspired by,” Ryan added.

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