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Traffic about to get much worse at Sixth and I-25 construction area

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DENVER -- It's been a traffic mess for months, and starting Friday, congestion along I-25 and Sixth Avenue will get worse for about 10 days.

Workers will be reconfiguring the interchange during that time.

Friday night, Federal Boulevard will be reduced to one lane each direction and the westbound Sixth Avenue off-ramp to Federal will close for the next 10 days.

Then next weekend, the entire I-25, Sixth and Federal interchange will close for 31 hours.

"When we get these opportunities to have these full closures for an extended period of time we try to make as big an impact as we can," project engineer Matthew Pacheco said.

The project is replacing a 60-year-old bridge on Federal with a new, wider, higher bridge over Sixth Avenue.

Workers are asking drivers to be extra cautious through the construction zones and to pay extra attention to detour and closure signs.

The ideal thing to do would be to avoid driving in the area altogether if possible.



  • John

    Hard to believe this place doesn’t make the top 10 for worst traffic in America. Even LA traffic flows much smoother then this place.

    • Mike

      No it doesn’t. This interchange is bad for a few hours during the rush hours. Obviously, the construction has made it temporarily worse, but to compare this interchange to anything around LA is asinine.

      • Anonymous

        No, she is right. This is worse than LA. They have 7 million more people in their metro area then we do, but our traffic is worse.

    • Anonymous

      You need to get out more. Every time I get home from business I swear I’ll never complain about the Denver traffic again, even if all the mid-west & east-cost migrants are eroding away the greatness the city once had only a few years ago!

  • Get To Work Already

    The companies doing the road work in CO must be running some sort of scam since none of the work ever seems to get finished. Few weeks back the closed the intersection of University and Speer by the Cheery Creek Mall saying it was going to speed up the work. Looks exactly the same week after week, bunch of dudes standing around looking at their shoes and a big f-ing mess of an intersection, and 6th and I-25 you see either no one or like 4 guys working on that section of road they destroyed. Hickenblooper do something useful and get these roads finished already you lame duck!

  • Smitty

    This is crony capitalism at work. We suffer the extended mess for months or years, pay triple and get washboard pavement. While the cronies get rich.

  • Anonymous

    The people that are responsible for approving these projects should be FIRED ! Not only in denver but also arvada, everytime they spend millions of dollars and months of labor it comes out the same, like all that work on Santa Fe and I-25, the ramp getting onto I-25 north is a bad joke or just the work of some really dumb individuals.

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