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Shopper attacked after telling mom to quiet her screaming child

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COLMA, Calif. — A California woman was attacked outside a Nordstrom Rack store after telling a mother to quiet her screaming child.

Natalie Bree Hajek-Richardson told KPIX she was punched in the face after telling the mother to quiet down her child, who was throwing a tantrum inside the store.

Hajek-Richardson was checking out when the child, under 6 years old, began throwing a loud tantrum.

“It didn’t bother me that the child was throwing the tantrum, but the volume was very loud, it was hurting my ears,” she said.

Hajek-Richardson said she asked the child’s mother to quiet the child down.

“She came to the side of me and told me not to tell her child what to do. And I told her that I didn’t ask your child what to do, I asked you very nicely to calm down your child just a little bit,” she said.

Hajek-Richardson then apparently got into a heated exchange with the mother.

Hajek-Richardson said she then told the mom off. “I told her to go to hell and she told me I’ll see you there,” she said.

When Hajek-Richardson left the store, the mother apparently followed her to her car where the two again exchanged words.

“She was asking me, ‘Where’d you tell me to go?’ So I repeated again what I said to her, and I told her that I told her to go to hell,” she said.

The surveillance video shows the woman, wearing a red shirt, walking toward Hajek-Richardson prior to the attack.

Hajek-Richardson claims she was punched twice in the face. Police are still working to identify the woman in the video.



    • shootmyownfood

      And you must think it is beneath parents to teach their children manners and/or remove them from public places if they misbehave. So simple, and yet you seem to think everyone else should just put up with the bad behaviors of the children of others. I do, and will, always ask parents to remove children that are misbehaving in a manner disruptive to everyone else.

    • EnochWallace

      Or perhaps she’s an intelligent person who knows how to use spelling, punctuation, grammar AND how to raise a child.

      • EnochWallace

        Well, they seem to have removed the post my comment was in reply to. Now it seems to not really make any sense, standing alone. Trust me, when the original comment was there, it made sense.

    • Anonymous

      I was a nightmare for my parents in public. I have a boy and a girl who are nearly grown. One tantrum out of my daughter over having to stop driving a snowmobile when she was young is the only outburst on record between the two.

      Why? My parents didn’t discipline me. I don’t even have to be mean, unfair or overpowering with my children. They learned to respect and love me. Two things I see missing in most every family around me. I figured out that my parents never had control of me because I figured out at a young age that they had no control over me because they wouldn’t control me, leaving the child the power, and I used it. No, my children are not perfect, but they learned in private that I am in control and love them, yet am equally as willing to portion the discipline as earned. We never got to the public phase. Children need to learn reward is the result of consistent performance and not protest, which is taught de-facto when a parent caves in. Just like puppies, babies learn tricks and it’s hard to teach old ones new ones. It’s all the same no matter where you may go.

  • Frank O'Neil

    what a stupid cow, you need a license to pretty much do anything in this country , but not to have kids, if you cant control you screaming brat, then do what our parents used to do, and take that little turd to the bathroom and give them something to cry about, cant stand when i see parents in a store “negotiating” with their kids, what the heck happened to “NO means NO”, or “because i said so”.

  • dougsmith42

    Next time stay out of other people’s business, keep your mouth shut and you won’t feel the pain from angry Godzilla.
    You deserved everything you got for telling someone to ‘go to hell.’
    The world can’t wait for you to have a screaming child.

    • shootmyownfood

      Right – because it’s acceptable to let children misbehave in public. I know exactly why the mother became defensive; because Ms. Hajek-Richardson called her on the lack of discipline being exhibited by the child. People in the wrong tend to get that way.

  • ANON

    If you have younger kids then you know that there are times when they get well into one of their moods. Yes, the mother should know how to control her child and handle the situation but there is nothiing a mother hates more than someone sticking their big nose in her parenting, escpecially during high stress situations. That broad deserved to be hit, I would have done the same thing if you told me to quiet down my kid and go to hell. Guess what… I bet you were a screaming little brat too! Don’t like the fact that a child is screaming? Leave. It’s none of your business to say anything.

    • Anonymous

      No, if your child is screaming and throwing a fit, YOU should leave. No one else should have to listen to your brat throw a tantrum

    • shootmyownfood

      The child causing the disruption should leave; we, as a society, do not have to tolerate undisciplined children in public places. YOU leave.

  • BewareWhoGovern

    The store should have asked the mother to take her kid out, as it was obviously an issue for their customers

  • Donna Ann

    I can’t imagine why the child of such a mature, sophisticated woman would throw tantrums in public. It’s a real mystery.

  • Hilary

    Well do we wonder why the kid was pitching a fit? His role model obviously has shown him through this example, and I’m sure others, that acting out (punching the woman) was the appropriate way to handle situations he/she didn’t like. Obviously all kids will at some point or another throw tantrums.. it’s just what they do to see how much they can get away with, but the mother clearly can’t handle difficult situations and will probably pass that down to her child unfortunately.

  • Anne P.

    Doesn’t shock me. A few years ago I was trying to check out at a Safeway and a woman and her kids were practically breathing down my neck, and I tried to be polite and ask the little girl to step back just a bit. I just wanted room to be able to concentrate on the prices. The girl was sweet and complied, but the woman became enraged that I asked her child to do anything. Safeway did nothing to help me after I requested help from the manager after being threatened, and eventually left my groceries and fled to my car. Luckily I locked my doors because the woman had abandoned her kids and was beating on my car threatening to cave in my face. I have never gone back to that store since.

    Can’t imagine telling anyone to go to hell, I can barely ask for personal space anymore.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll bet next time she shuts her mouth and learns to mind her own business.kids are unpredictable and remember even if you don’t have kids you were all kids at one point in time.

  • Ragdoll Henderson

    No matter what someone says to you, that doesn’t give you the right to hit them. I hope the woman who hit the young lady goes to jail. She deserves it. FYI I have a kid. I know when things get out of control. No one ever has to tell me to control my kid. I stop it before it get to that point.

  • Linda Dalton

    I was in nking soopers right after I got out of hospital with a kidney transplant. a lady behind me was letting her young toddler scremring really loud I turned and told her to shut him up then boy the words stat come at me. fat pig and so on..I guess there was an older lady that just got out to her daughter came over and thanked me..my hubby wasn’t there but was really pissed when he found out. kids need to stay at home if they can’t behave.

  • Whatisthisworldcomingto

    Wow, I am shocked at all the people on here defending the bad parenting skills and bad mouthing the lady who got attacked. I am a mother of 4 and yes they did on occasion act up in public but most of the time I was able to get back in line. But NEVER would I have assaulted someone for nicely asking me to quiet my kids. It is appalling that anyone is taking the side of the abuser. If she flew off the handle that easy at someone asking her to be a parent and take care of her kid, what does she do to her kid when not in public places. For everyone on here defending her, you all should be ashamed of yourselves. Being a bully and teaching your kid to be a bully is just what we need in this society. NOT!!!

  • Anonymous

    Not once have I seen on here that there might be an issue with a disability as in the fact that my son is autistic and tends to throw fits has anyone ever thought of that? So many judgemental people on here and you don’t even know the story.

  • annpirie

    When a child is acting obnoxious, I look directly at the parents to take care of business. My kid would throw one tantrum in public. If the child didn’t get the message, that child would stay home while the rest of the family went on. A babysitter is never too expensive to prove a point like this.

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