Listen to the call: Man claiming to be IRS agent uses fear tactics to scam money

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DENVER -- Imagine having three seconds to make a decision which impacts you, your family and your freedom.

“I will count to three and a sheriff's officer will be there on the way,” said the man on the phone. “Officers, if you`re listening on the phone, please arrest Mrs. Campbell.”

This is the actual recording from a scammer claiming to be an IRS agent dialing phone numbers all over Colorado. Luckily, while the victim was on one line Chris Morrissey was on the other.

“I had a feeling it was a scam from the beginning. The IRS doesn`t call people,” Morrissey said.

When Morrissey declined the same call minutes earlier,  the scammer mistakenly patched him into a live call. Morrissey says he was in such shock over the high pressure tactics used to steal money, he recorded the call.

“Mrs. Campbell I`m issuing an arrest warrant," the scammer said.

“I was thinking of my mom. She`s not elderly. I was thinking if he was on the phone with my mom what would he be doing and so that’s what made me think I need to find her and give her the information,” Morrissey said.

Maro Casparian from the Denver District Attorney’s office says they are seeing an explosion of scams involving fake IRS agents around Denver.

“What all scams have in common is they put the fear in someone,” Casparian said. “That's what they do is catch people off guard so you're not thinking properly.  And what I always say when I do presentations is hang up.”

Boulder also said they are seeing a surge of calls and so they issued a warning to residents Thursday.

Without money to give the victim eventually hung up in tears.

Listening on the line, a man she'd never met exhaled and then he called her so she could do the same.

Report scam attempts to the Federal Trade Commission



  • Anonymous

    Boulder – Everyone knows they are gullible and ignorant – they are liberals! Thieves looking for weak targets…

    • Conservative Fail

      The guy was in Ft. Collins you stupid nut bag. Is this the rights attempt at deficit reduction? Go back to your hole!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. This story isn’t about politics, but as you can see from the other post right wing nut jobs always have something retarded to say. I feel bad for republicans as most seem to have mental issues that they refuse to address. Also a lot of Republicans are the same stupid old idiots that fall for these scams. Once all of these old F’s republicans pass away we will be better off.

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    When they catch this guy, please slice him up like a rotten tomato and feed him to sharks. What a dirtbag.

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