Are those ghosts? Fishermen capture strange image in photos of double rainbow

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VIROQUA, Wisc. — A double rainbow is rare enough. But these photos seemed to show something even stranger.

During a recent trip to Wisconsin, Mike Jacobs and Bill Wobbekind spotted twin rainbows after an unseasonably strong storm, FOX6 Now reported.

The men snapped some pictures, and thought nothing of them until they got home and uploaded the photos onto a computer to use as a screensaver.

Jacobs said he thought one of the photos was smudged — and then he saw what looked like eyes.

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  • Cassie Cordova

    it’s a fricken airplane! Also, that guy was pretending to take a picture, I guess for reenactment purposes, and had the fricken lens cap on! lol, this is totally not newsworthy….

  • Joel Brudowsky

    Literally every rainbow is a double rainbow; they are not rare. It’s just often times too hazy in the distance to see the second, inverted rainbow. It’s not like its 1200 AD and we don’t understand how some of these things work. People just want to believe so badly in supernatural things that they will them into existence.

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