Man arrested in shooting deaths of two women in Denver

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DENVER -- Two young women were gunned down and murdered at a Denver apartment.

The suspect is one of the victim’s roommate.

Jose King, 22, is now behind bars.

It happened late Wednesday night at the French Quarter apartments near Parker Road and I-225 in Denver.

The victims were only 19 and 22 years old.

Neighbors say they never saw this coming.

The roommates were not boyfriend or girlfriend—and they always saw them happy together.

“This is definitely a tragic event,” says Denver Police Commander Ron Saunier.

Police say it is also a perplexing puzzle. What turns a man from roommate to apparent cold-blooded killer?

“I hear three shots. And, after like two seconds, one more,” says neighbor Basil Jadoa.

Jadoa heard the gunshots about 11 p.m. Wednesday—one pierced a neighbor’s door.

Then, he sees one of his neighbors and her friend dead inside the door to the apartment.

“I went there and see two girls laying down by the door and they are bleeding, I think. I see one girl. I know her. The other one, I can’t see her face,” says Jadoa.

Another neighbor sees a shirtless man run away--and speed off in a dark SUV.

“Not sure who the suspect is, at this point,” says a dispatcher on the Radio Reference website.

But police soon learn he’s one of the victim’s roommate.

They later learned that King drove to his dad’s home in Castle Rock.

After that visit, someone he knows called Castle Rock Police in a panic.

“The parties that called were concerned about his mental state and possibly may commit suicide or something, based on his statements,” says Saunier.

Just before midnight, an officer leaving the Castle Rock Police Department saw the suspect's SUV and pulled him over.

“The Castle Rock Police Department did a phenomenal job in this case, questioning everything with this party to bring the two ends together.”

But what led to the end of two lives is still a question.

A neighbor says the suspect works for Loomis Armored and always carried a gun.

The neighbor also says the roommate worked at Sears at the Streets of Southglenn.



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