Top beauty blunders and how you can fix them

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Whether your complexion freaks out on you with zits or your lifeless hair needs a pick-me-up, beauty expert and blogger Christina Marrale from has tips and tricks that will calm your beauty drama.

BLUNDER: Washing your face in the morning

SOLUTION: It seems like a logical thing to do, but cleansing the skin in the morning is a big mistake because it strips your skin of its essential oils. Instead, opt for a toner for your morning routine. It’ll restore the pH balance of your skin, allowing for better absorption of products and making it easier to battle dry skin.

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BLUNDER: Applying concealer incorrectly

SOLUTION: If you’re tired of battling dark circles, try changing the technique you use to apply concealer. Christina’s “Triangle Technique” leaves your eyes looking refreshed, vibrant and youthful.

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BLUNDER: Forgetting to prime

SOLUTION: If your makeup is being eaten up within an hour or two of application, it’s probably because you didn’t use a primer. Primer can act as a sealant for your skincare during the winter, ensuring that your serums and moisturizers stay in place and absorb correctly. But be sure to use separate primers for your face and eyes.

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BLUNDER: Over-tweezing your eyebrows

SOLUTION: If you’ve left your eyebrows looking sparse, use castor oil at night for fast re-growth. To fill them in, use a wax-based eyebrow pencil in thin, brush-like strokes.

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