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Keeping Halloween safe: Face paint and makeup tips

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DENVER -- You want to keep your kids safe on Halloween.  Experts say face paint is as better choice than masks, that can block your child’s vision, but you have to be careful with that too.

Little ghouls and goblins love to sport face paint and even glitter.

Keep the evening fun for them by checking out products before you buy.  If you’re using face paint or any type of makeup on your child  for the first time do a skin patch test first.

Dr. Melissa Piliang of the Cleveland Clinic warns, “Some people can be allergic to the ingredients in makeup, so they can put it on and they will get an itchy rash, or a blistery rash, or a rash that might look like poison ivy."

Doctors say you should avoid using things you have in your own makeup bag if your kids are toddlers. That's to avoid the transfer of bacteria. And in all cases, avoid using things you find around the house, like markers.

Ink from pens and household glue can be toxic and difficult to remove.

Experts say you should return any makeup that has a bad smell, it may be contaminated.

Most kids will not have a problem with Halloween face makeup but making sure your child will be OK on the trick or treat route will be well worth it at the end of the night.  See more information about Halloween makeup safety for all ages.

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