Groupon’s new Snap app could make clipping coupons a thing of the past

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PARKER, Colo. -- Clipping coupons may be a thing of the past if Groupon’s new mobile app succeeds.

The “Snap” app allows grocery store customers to get money back on their purchases with the click of their cell phone.  Customers take a photo of their receipt using the Snap app on their phone.  Any item where a coupon was applied gets processed online by Groupon until the customer collects at least $20 dollars in savings.  At that point, Groupon mails customers a check for $20 or however much they’re owed.

“I really like the flexibility of Snap,” said Jennie Sanford who blogs for  She points out the free app offers online coupons that can be used at any store and often aren’t even brand specific.  A coupon for a $1 off a gallon of milk lets the customer decide what brand of milk they want.

“So if I want to get organic, I can get organic, no problem," adds Sanford.  Plus Snap coupons can be combined with store offers.  If King Soopers offers a bag of Halloween candy for three dollars instead of four dollars, customers can still use their mobile coupon to take another dollar off the candy.

FOX 31 showed the app to Jen Kern, a mother of two, while she was shopping at a King Soopers in Parker.

“I invariably leave paper coupons at home or they get lost in my purse or expire.  I would love to do it all from my phone,” said Kern.  Snap tends to offer more than 20 coupons a week and Kern was pleasantly surprised by the number of them she would use, “The tea I would use, the zip lock bags, pure gum is my favorite gum.”

Customers have to upload a picture of their receipt within 48-hours of shopping.  Groupon then aims to process the receipt within another 48-hours.  If you upload any receipt by November 11th, Groupon will enter you in their sweepstakes…free groceries for a year.

The free app is available on both Apple and Droid phones.