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Man who vanished during Broncos game walked from Denver to Pueblo

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Paul Kitterman, the man who vanished at halftime of a Broncos game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, walked more than 100 miles to Pueblo before being found safe Tuesday, sources tell FOX31 Denver.

There are still several questions surrounding Kitterman's disappearance, but foul play is not suspected.

Kitterman, 53 of Kremmling, was last seen during halftime of the Broncos' game Thursday against the San Diego Chargers. A missing person report was filed with the Denver Police Department on Friday.

Kitterman was attending the game with his 20-year-old stepson and two family friends. At halftime, Kitterman's stepson, Jarod Tonneson, used the restroom but when he returned he was unable to find Kitterman. Kitterman did not have his cellphone or credit cards with him and only about $50 cash.

Pueblo police say Kitterman was found outside of a Kmart store and sources tell FOX31 Denver that he walked the 114 miles from the stadium. They add that he was coherent and that Kitterman told them he wanted to get away and find someplace warm.


Family members, who were reunited with Kitterman, are just as baffled by the disappearance as everyone else. They believe the statement that Kitterman wanted to find someplace warm might be a survival instinct, that he wasn't trying to say he wanted to vanish but he only knew to go to warm weather.

He was a hunter and outdoorsman in the mountains and knew how to survive outdoors.

Tonneson said his stepfather has no known health problems and doesn't use drugs.

"It's been a long bunch of days for us. It's been a long bunch of days for everyone following this. And it's been a long bunch of days for Paul," friend Tia Bakke said. "At this point all we can do is get him some rest, get him some food and move forward."

Overnight, the family released a statement on Facebook, offering thanks but also seeking privacy.





    • Jerry S

      Your observation is such a great example of conservative ignorance. You know 2 things about Colorado: this guys story and that pot is legal. It takes some serious stupidity to put those two things together.

      • Mary

        Who at that age (we are hardly talking about a teenager running away from home) would walk/hitchhike from Denver to Pueblo if there wasn’t some mental issue (temporary or permanent)?

    • Mary

      I suggest you read up on memory issues. Some are reversible (like a reaction to a medication or a minor head injury or a thyroid condition), while others, like dementia and Alzheimer’s (which are NOT interchangeable) are not.

    • Anonymous

      That’s exactly what I was thinking :) I am also curious of the route he took, no hitchhiking either? Did he just walk the shoulder of I25 or did he go Colfax to C-470 and then south, I think the public deserves the answers, not just simply “I went for a stroll”.

    • Daria

      Yeah….Let’s post it on Facebook – and then ask for Privacy. Ha ha That’s funny! The answers will unfold soon enough as to his motive (us taxpayers want to know).

      • Mary B.

        They went public because they needed help finding their loved one. Any of us would do the same thing. Now he’s been found, thank God, & they just want to get their lives back to as normal as possible. Who can blame them?? I wish them well.

  • Rob Hill

    Privacy? That went away when public tax dollars were used to help with the search. We demand answers and are entitled to find out everything that happened and the reasons why.

  • Dave

    Seems to me the family hasn’t given us the whole story and it continues. To me, this sounds like a drug deal gone bad or simply poor reporting. Nothing adds up. Model rancher, not a drunk, not into drugs, at the game with his stepson and “friends?”, no talk of stepson’s Mom in this whole story, walks a 116 or 112 miles to someplace warm, what? Then family asks for privacy? WOW, Weird O Wrama! I have so many questions, did he shower over the last 5 days? Eat? Did he eat at a resturant? Why didn’t he tell his family he was leaving? Had his fill of the game? I thought he thought it was “awesome?” If he was at the Salvation Army, why didn’t someone call to say theyve seen him. I live under a rock and knew he was missing. Why, what, who, when, where, huh? Did he talk to anyone during his walk? Does he know someone in Peublo? Is it warm in Peublo, has he reached his goal? Is he going to continue to walk like Forrest Gump? How did he leave the stadium? Someone commented on one site that the tolets were big at the stadium and he may have been flushed, did he get flushed and ended up outside the stadium? Are the tolets that big at the stadium? Another comment suggested he was still in line for beer, was he in line for beer and simply left? Did that make him snap? What moment or thought caused him to leave the stadium? This is the most mind boggling thing I’ve ever heard of! He needs to get with it and act like everyone else! Is he worried about his financial problems? What are those problems? How much money does he owe? Colorado Dept of Revenue? Did he not pay taxes on income? Not report income? Issues with a bank? Did he try to rob the bank? Work there and stole office supplies? Worked construction too? What would those guys say about him? Have his construction collegues noticed anything weird about him? How often does he work constuction? For what company? What exactly are the reporters out there doing? This is interesting and I’d appreciate someone working on getting some of these answers.

    • Mary B.

      Test, that was my first thought too, sounds like some kind of health issue. Whatever it is, I very much hope he gets the help he needs & he & his family are able to put this behind them & move on with their lives.

  • Jerry

    Wow, the family just posted that the Bronco’s are flying him to Foxboro for the Pats game. The Man replied, great, and if Denver losses I’ll walk home !

  • James

    Yes. Bad trip on edibles. Prob was a joke gone bad. Happened to me at Red Rocks. I walked to Lakewood after an odd incident at a Deftones concert.

  • Ginny Rose

    I used to work with a lady who came in one day and didn’t remember how she got there (she drove) and was very disoriented. At the hospital, it was discovered she had a mild stroke. Maybe something like this happened to Mr. Kitterman.

  • L Berry

    I am glad that he was found safe. In an earlier release, it said a family member had check all hospitals and detox centers. This leads me to believe that quite possibly Mr. Kitterman may have been experiencing detox symptoms. My prayers are with the Kitterman family and I am glad this ordeal ended well.

  • Mike

    It’s remotely possible that he may have as-of-yet undiagnosed CJD. It appears suddenly, and usually kills within three months. I knew someone who had it that started getting absent-minded, then started seeing things and having some pretty far-out ideas, then died, all within three months.

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