Republicans maintain lead in early-election ballots

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DENVER — Registered Republicans have turned in the most ballots with less than a week to go until the deadline for the first all-mail election in the state, the Colorado Secretary of State announced Wednesday.

As of Wednesday, 905,500 ballots have been submitted, with 379, 250 (42 percent) coming from registered Republicans and 294,648 (33 percent) from registered Democrats. Unaffiliated voters or another party made up the rest (27 percent).

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The most ballots have come from Jefferson County (124,806), followed by El Paso County (107,399), Arapahoe County (104,413) and Denver County (94,509).

There are more than 2.9 million registered voters in the state. All voters were mailed a ballot, whether they requested one or not.

The deadline of ballots having to be received at clerks offices is 7 p.m. Tuesday.





  • ColoradoCommish

    Eagerly awaiting Mr. Stokols “Fact Check” on new NARAL Ad being played in Colorado…
    Could be the STUPIDEST, most blatantly false Ad I’ve ever seen… but I know better to pass judgment, before I get Mr. Stokols “take” on it…..

  • tjh39

    Gardner voted against all abortions past 20 weeks. If it takes that long for a idiot to make up their mind then so be it.

    • ColoradoCOmmish

      “Anon”… Even when we WIN next week… I just don’t see a great deal of Conservative’s opting to celebrate in the normal, and obviously preferred, Liberal manner that you speak of here….
      We’ll probably take a deep breath, say a little prayer, enjoy an Adult beverage (or two), and simply be delighted that our Country is veering back into a credible, responsible, and advantageous path, to make it possible for EVERYONE to succeed… not just those with the Executive power to regulate, destroy, and keep others under foot.
      You are most definitely invited to attend…. but please leave your kneepads at home.

      • Anonymous

        Your right most conservatives will get drunk in their trailer, bang their sister while polishing their guns. Of course the guns will be bought with their disability checks. That’s if they win or lose.

  • Bob Lawlaw

    I don’t understand why we can kill babies but we cannot put murders on death row to sleep. Can anyone explain the logic of a liberal.

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