Police: Man missing following Broncos game found safe and unharmed

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UPDATE: Paul Kitterman walked more than 100 miles to Pueblo before being found safe Tuesday.

DENVER -- Police say a man reported missing after halftime of the Broncos game in Denver last week was found safe Tuesday night.

Denver Police said Paul Kitterman, a 53-year-old from Kremmling, was found unharmed in Pueblo. Investigators also said there was no foul play suspected in the case.

Pueblo police say he was found outside of a Kmart store. They say he told them he wanted to get away and find someplace warm. Pueblo police say he was coherent. Paramedics checked him out and then they took him to a hotel.

Tia Bakke, one of Kitterman's friends, said they were on their way to Pueblo to pick him up late Tuesday night.

Kitterman was attending the game with his 20-year-old son and two family friends.

During halftime, Kitterman's son used the restroom and returned minutes later, unable to find his father.

“We were looking everywhere in parking lots, trees, bushes, anywhere we could think of,” Jarod Tonneson said Sunday.

Bakke, who gave Kitterman and his stepson, Jarod Tonneson, their tickets to the game and rode with the pair on the two-hour drive from Kremmling, said he was not intoxicated and he had no mental health issues, she said.

On Monday, Denver Police confirmed a witness spotted Kitterman inside the stadium during the third quarter.



  • annpirie

    Now that he has been found safe and I am very happy about that, what the blankity, blankity hey was he thinking when he just up and left his family in hysteria to find him. He needs a good spanking. On the other hand, does he have an issue no one is aware. Then hug him.

  • Laurie

    112 miles, actually, Maybe not ‘geriatric’ at 53, but could have some early-onset something or other, or mental issues. I agree there is more to the story. It doesn’t add up.

  • Ann

    I just posted something similar on another site. I too believe it is early onset dementia of some form. He reminds me of my father – who was 52 and developed vascular dementia from alcoholism. No one at his work noticed it. I did. Long story short – we traveled to the Mayo Clinic – he wandered off in Chicago airport – we missed our flight. I was scared to death. He reminds me so much of this man. Lives alone, likes to fish and hunt, etc. Time will tell.

  • Ann

    Dementia has to be noticed first at some point with everyone. It sounds like he had an exhausting day (hunting then travel then game) plus beer and crowd stress. Could have made it worse and no one had noticed anything different with him – yet. I hope I am wrong.

  • mari

    Glad he was found safe but rather he was up to something or needs mental health the only thing the public was asked was to look out for him not post stupid shit if there is an issue or a problem its now a family matter that’s nobody else’s concern people always get tryed in the court of public opion pathetic i didn’t see a box marked for your two cents the main point is he’s safe found and hopefully on hes way home

  • Kathy

    Makes me wonder if he suffered a small stroke and had a case amnesia. They need to do a cat scan of his brain and see if there is evidence of such thing. It is a weird story and doesn’t add up… something maybe happened to the guy and they just don’t know what yet.

  • Renee

    Sounds like he just needed a break from life. I wish I could do that. I am so glad they found him safe and sound. I hope someone takes the time to listen to him so that he can live the life he really wants.

    • Nevin

      Runaway bride. Same difference. Money spent looking for someone who just on a whim decided to abandon his family. If he has a mental illness then so be it but if not that was a lot of taxpayers money wasted.

  • Polish Princess

    It had been reported earlier that he had some type of financial/bank-related legal trouble. Perhaps THAT is the root of the “early onset dementia” that some of you folks have diagnosed him with.

  • jb

    the guy DOES have mental issues. You do not leave family and friends without telling someone. The
    paramedics got it wrong, he needs help.Why do we not have enough common sense to take care of the

  • Dana

    I am glad he was found ok. Too many people end up dead when they go missing. I hope in the future he would communicate with his friends and family instead of sending them on a manhunt and causing them to worry.

  • tim

    remember Walter White from Breaking Bad did the same thing to hide the fact he was cooking meth. Now I’m not saying this is what happen ( since he was found with his clothes on ) but it gets you thinking.

  • Tommy Hawksblood

    The whole story sounds FISHY. I have a friend that was just abducted and found in another state. Last wek. They will never go there, the whole story will just dissapear as a person losing his mind temperary.

  • eileen

    I don’t believe he walked all that way to find someplace warm…. does anyone else? That’s an awful long way!

  • annpirie

    If it is a medical issue, which I am convinced it is, he is protected by HIPAA. He has the right to privacy with that being the truth.

  • Anonymous

    A semi or temporary Amnesia. . or somehing akin to Alzheimers setting in, perhaps. . .Stress overlload. ..something. Just glad to hear, this man is found and is in ‘good care’.

  • atthebeach

    A semi or temporary Amnesia. . or somehing akin to Alzheimers setting in, perhaps. . .Stress overlload. ..something. Just glad to hear, this man is found and is in ‘good care’.

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